March for Our Lives :: Washington DC

posted on: Thursday, April 5, 2018

March 24th, 2018

The March for Our Lives took place in Washington DC. Josh and I, along with our children, went to add our voices to those demanding change. 

The kids made their own signs and we bundled up and headed to the capitol building to rally for sensible gun reform and for the safety of our children.

At one point during the rally Wes looked over me and asked, "Are they really going to change the laws because of us?" I said that we really hoped so and he said, "So I might be part of the reason they change a law?!"

And that right there is what it's all about. 

Showing our kids that they can be a force for change. Showing them that this whole march was FOR and BY the children of our country. I hope it's a lesson that they carry with them into the future and I hope it sparks a fire inside of them to always take a stand for that which you believe in. 

It is our responsibility to foster their rebellion.

We also took the opportunity to spend some time in DC that weekend showing the kids some of the monuments and museums since they had never been before. We rented the prettiest little row house on capitol hill and the kids asked to move in permanently. We will definitely need to return to DC when we have a little more time on our hands. There is so much to see and we barely scratched the surface.

Wes asked if we could see the constitution during our visit, and when your kid ASKS to see the constitution you pretty much have to go do it, right? No photography was allowed inside the archives but I was super excited to get to check something off Weston's bucket list while we were there. He got to see Alexander Hamilton's REAL signature. The kid's day was made.

We also managed to snag tickets to the African American Museum and it was AMAZING. It's relatively new and so it was the first time there for all of us. We could have easily spent an entire day there, there is just so much to see and take in. 

And of course we made sure to hit up 2Amys and then basically tried one of everything at Baked & Wired. 

We were about a week too early for the cherry blossoms but the magnolias were out in all their pink glory. Such a hopeful sign of spring. 

All in all, it was an incredible weekend and one that I think our little family will treasure the memory of for many years to come.

Things Ever Said

posted on: Monday, February 5, 2018

when you tell Ever it's bedtime

I rarely post anymore but Ever has been saying so many funny things lately that I wanted to take a moment to get them down in writing before they slip away. This age, newly three, is such a good one. She is hilariously sassy, ridiculously dramatic and her own biggest fan.
-- She's started doing this thing when you tell her no where she says "I give you a deal" - as in, I'll make you a deal. The first time was when she wanted to sleep in our bed one night and we told her no. So she says "I give you a deal" and we're like, ok, what's the deal? And she just goes and gets in our bed and says "I sleep in your bed tonight."
That was it.
The next time this happened she wanted my phone to watch a video and I told her no. Then it was "I give you a deal...You let me watch sumpin' and then you go away."
Clearly the deck is stacked in her favor.
-- She must have heard the phrase BFF in a show or something and asked Josh what it meant the other day. He told her it means best friends forever and now she uses it regularly. As in, "you're my BFF, mommy" and when she's playing with her dolls she refers to them as BFF's
-- Another night after I took my phone from her because it was time for bed and time to turn off the video she was watching she loudly proclaimed through tears "YOU ARE WRECKIN' MY YIFE!" (life).  We have a loooooong road ahead of us if this only three.
-- When you ask her to tell you a story she always starts it with "One time, across the way..." instead of once upon a time.
-- Last weekend while she was busy putting together a puzzle my sister asked her to come into the other room to do something and she said "I can't. I am putting together a puzzle. I got a situation."
Oh baby girl, don't ever change.

Christmas 2017

posted on: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy New Year! Here we are rounding the corner into mid January and I've just had a moment to upload the (very few) photos I took during the holidays. We did lots of fun seasonal things this year, we visited the Tree Festival, went to Circle Fest and the Botanical Gardens, built gingerbread houses with our friends...the list goes on and on. But looking back I only managed to snag a few photos on my phone and rarely brought along the good camera. (I always kick myself later, somehow I've got to get back in the habit!) But here I have the few decent photos I took from Christmas itself. I hope your was as sweet as ours!

Christmas Eve brunch and the annual batch of Abby's homemade cinnamon rolls

Christmas eve cookies for Santa and apple slices and chex mix for the reindeer ;)

Our annual reading of the Night Before Christmas and then...Christmas morning!

candy and nail polish

 and Oren's own Nintendo DS!

 a deceptively large box for a stuffed lizard ;)

 Magic tricks and video games for sir Weston (and a new computer for the boys to share)

 and new Calico Critters for me er, Ever.

Merry Christmas! And here's to more photo taking and blogging in 2018!

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